Webinar (Online)

Webinar (Online)

Thu Oct 22nd, 10:30am (ends 12:00pm)

Yoga Class

Webinar with Olga Oakenfold and Mark Killick via Zoom.
22 October, Thursday, 10.30am - 12pm.

Did you know that near­ly 70 per­cent of your immune sys­tem is in your gut? While fre­quent hand wash­ing and social dis­tanc­ing are cru­cial in pre­vent­ing the spread of ill­ness­es, being mind­ful of what you eat and drink can also help sup­port your immune sys­tem and keep you well.
Mark Killick will answer your questions and talk about why main­tain­ing the bal­ance and health of your diges­tive sys­tem is impor­tant to pro­tect your immune sys­tem.

Phys­i­cal activ­i­ty and Yoga help your diges­tive sys­tem. Tak­ing a walk after meals or engag­ing in 30 min­utes of exercises a few days a week, can pro­mote reg­u­lar bow­el move­ments and reduce inflam­ma­tion in your body.
Olga Oakenfold will teach 30 min Yoga Class to boost the digestive system.

Price: £10

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