Welcome to positive change through yoga!

I am here to help you and guide you through yoga practice.

With regular yoga practice it’s inevitable

 to become stronger & more confident in your body;

 to find flexibility & move with more ease;

 to learn to control your emotions & calm your mind with

Breathing and Meditation practice.

 I hope to inspire you to take charge of you physical and mental wellbeing. I will encourage you to listen to your body and practise safely and lovingly.

This video is intended to demonstrate classes, that I am offering.

New to yoga?

My yoga classes are suitable for all ages and levels. If you are a beginner to my class please check my 

If you are a beginner or new to my class I would like to have a chat with you before attending my classes. Please book your phone/Zoom consultation with me 

Your Comments

“I was able to do ALL of the movements in your class and my back felt absolutely wonderful afterwards, the best it has felt for a year or more… thank-you so much for the wonderful class, I enjoyed every moment and felt able-bodied for the first time in ages!” – Paul from London.


"Yoga has been a lifelong practice for me. Attending Olga's classes in recent years has resulted in me, not only maintaining flexibility but gaining energy and physical strength. Olga's calm, warm disposition and joyful, vitality-filled method of teaching, also keeps me of happy and positive mind." – Ann from Eastbourne.

"The sessions are varied and well planned. 

It is lovely to feel a sense of calm and focus especially at this time. 

It is so nice to have a connection with friends all practicing at the same time in their own homes. Thank you Olga for these fantastic sessions I really appreciate what you are doing. 

Wishing you good health and all best wishes,”  - Tracey from Eastbourne. 

One-To-One Online Yoga

Private yoga classes are a great way to start, deepen or come back to your yoga practice.




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