You can join me from anywhere in the world via Zoom. I will be chatting with you before and after classes, so bring your questions and thoughts. I will be sharing asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), mudra (hands gestures), mantras and meditations.
10.30am -11.30am GMT

Price: £6 each
Sunday Family Yoga
11am-12pm GMT
(once a month)
Price: £6 each
You will receive Zoom details after you paid for a class.

If you are unable to make these live classes, you are very welcome to join my Video club where you have a large selection of recorded classes to choose from. You can practice yoga with professional yoga teacher anytime and anywhere in your own time!
Special Lockdown Offer - join my Video Club and have unlimited access to live yoga classes via Zoom!

New to yoga or my classes?

My yoga classes are suitable for all ages and levels. If you are a beginner to my class please check my 

If you are a beginner or new to my class I would like to have a chat with you before attending my classes. Please book your phone/Zoom consultation with me 


This video shows an example of yoga postures that will be taught during my classes. The more you practice, the easier your practice. Feel free to hit the "pause" button and slow down if you need to!





“Thank you so much for all that you are doing to make our isolation fun and healthy! I want to thank you so much for providing all these wonderful Yoga practices on ZOOM - it makes a huge difference to a rather monotonous day!” Gill C.


   “Thanks for this morning. I loved it! So nice to do something so positive and normal!!! Much better than trying to remember what to do on my own!!Thanks for guiding me through the Zoom process too!” Tracy G


This lady inspires me ... has made my isolation lockdown a pleasure, I look forward to her classes, an understanding , knowledgable gentle approach to yoga , great explanations of the poses and how they affect each part of our body , the poems during meditation have inspired me to become positive during some dark moments ... Thank you Olga , what a lovely “giving” person you are “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear” Tess 


  “Thank you Olga Oakenfold for the Zoom yoga classes, these are so important for mine and a lot of peoples mind, body and soul.” Martin B.


  “Thank you so much for the online session and everyone that was there – yes, awesome! Look forward to more of them.”  Caroline G.


  “Just wanted to thank you for the daily Yoga classes, I am thoroughly enjoying them and each day I am feeling a little stronger and more flexible.  Hoorah!” Sue M.


  “Thank you Olga for being a constant in our strange lives. The routine you have created in the form of wonderful yoga has been a godsend.” Helen S.


   “Thank you so much for the wonderful online yoga sessions you are running. The teaching is clear and easy to follow at home. The poses are described step by step and demonstrated so that you feel guided and safe. There are options for different levels which makes it suitable for everyone. Olga teaches clearly and methodically so you feel confident and safe in your practice. 


The sessions are varied and well planned. 

It is lovely to feel a sense of calm and focus especially at this time. 

It is so nice to have a connection with friends all practicing at the same time in their own homes. Thank you Olga for these fantastic sessions I really appreciate what you are doing. 

Wishing you good health and all best wishes,” Tracey G.


  “Thanks for great class Olga. It was very helpful in these anxious times.” Tina N.


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    Name When Where Price  
    Family Yoga (Online Class) Code:Family Yoga Sun Nov 29th, 11:00am (ends 12:00pm) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Mon Nov 30th, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Tue Dec 1st, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Wed Dec 2nd, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Thu Dec 3rd, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Sat Dec 5th, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Mon Dec 7th, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00
    online yoga (Online Class) Code:Online Thu Dec 10th, 10:30am (ends 11:30am) Online
    £6.00 / £0.00