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Welcome to Yoga for Wellbeing.

The word yoga translates as “union”. Union of heart, mind and body. Yoga is the human quest for happiness, for remembering our true nature. You can think about yoga as a journey searching for the very best within you and then learn to express that in everyday life in your body, mind and heart.

The science of yoga is thousands of years old. It is not only physical practice that uses body postures to open the body and heart. It is entire system with its own set of moral codes, breathing disciplines, and meditation techniques designed to help you along your spiritual path.

Yoga helps you find inner as well as physical strength. In yoga you do not need to worry about how you look you are concerned with how you FEEL. You discover the peace and quiet available inside you. Yoga helps to quieten your mind. This allows you to focus on what you choose to concentrate on. When you calm your mind doing yoga you also calm your body.

Through yoga you may also discover that you have more strength and you become increasingly aware of your body, posture improves, tension decreases, concentration improves, you are able to manage stress more effectively and it helps to promote a positive, happy attitude.

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